art and artists

art and artists

If interested in any of these artists please contact us through

or call the gallery 01604 492192 mobile 07734757450.

Miriam McClay

“Miriam blends vibrant colours and dynamic movement wonderfully”

Brian Dunstone

“Bunny is one of our leading artists and we love to display his iconic work”

Ria Smith

“Ria creates stunning original artwork for large home and office spaces”

Malcolm Pollard

“Malcolm inspired us to start the gallery and his work still excites us today”

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Cathi Sacco

“Cathi’s work depicts the essence, soul and magnificence of nature”

Peter Sayer

“Peter is one of those special artists that just oozes enthusiasm”

Annette Sykes

“Annette’s intriguing work synthesises hidden forms and timeless symbology”

Eric Yates

“Eric creates some of our most visually striking and colourful artwork”

Teresa Wells

“Teresa’s ability to capture humanity and vulnerability is second to none”