Annette Sykes

Annette Sykes

“Annette’s intriguing work synthesises hidden forms and timeless symbology.”

Sue Brooks, Gallery Curator


Inspired by archaeological finds and symbology both ancient and modern

Annette is a trained textile artist and passionate printmaker from Higham Ferrers in Northamptonshire. She is a member of the Printmakers Council, the Northamptonshire Town and County Art Society and the Fellowship of Professional & Amateur Artists. She exhibits regularly around the world and has work in the Archive and Permanent Collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Scarborough Museum as well as private collections in the United Kingdom, United States, Panama, Japan and Thailand.


A fresh new approach to printmaking

When Annette first exhibited her work in the gallery, she revealed a fresh new approach to printmaking; combining her skills as a textile artist and printmaker to create an innovative method of platemaking, exploring the ink saturation levels and release of the ink from fibre onto paper.

Exhibition: Journey Through Myth
Style: Mysterious, mythical and broody
Space: Upper Gallery
Date: November 2013


Sensitive and intricate work exploring a new pictorial language

Healing Fire
Incline I
Incline III
Legends of Land, Sea and Sky
Driven by Sun, Moon and Stars
Lines of Communication
Shifting Sands