Miriam McClay

Miriam McClay

“Miriam blends vibrant colours and dynamic movement wonderfully.”

Sue Brooks, Gallery Curator


An intuitive and playful creative process with experimentation as an essential element

Miriam trained at Falmouth School of Art and Design where she gained a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. A year later she achieved a master’s degree in Fine Art Printmaking from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. Miriam has been a full-time teacher for over twenty years feels lucky to be surrounded by such colour and creativity every day. Alongside her position in education, she has always kept up her own art practice.


Exploring visual ways to express emotions

For Miriam, each painting is about testing out new ideas; adding and scraping back paint through an infinite combination of options to achieve something distinct and unique. Colours, marks and movement change over time and so the paintings reflect that in their layering.

Exhibition: Soul and Season
Style: Expressing emotions visually
Space: Upper Gallery
Date: August 2018


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