Ria Smith

Ria Smith

“Ria creates stunning original artwork for large home and office spaces.”

Sue Brooks, Gallery Curator


A passion for big and bold contemporary artwork inspired by industry and humanity

Ria was inspired to paint by the britart movement of the late 1980s and developed her artistic talent as a way of relaxing and taking timeout from raising a family. Her preferred process is to build in colour then highlight from white to black – emphasising the light, shadow, depth and shape of her compositions. Ria lives and paints in Olney, Buckinghamshire and has her work on display in several large office complexes and corporate headquarters in the county.


Exploring a fascination with light and shade

This is a truly bold exhibition offering a profoundly different style of expression with seventeen large canvas paintings suitable for the home or commercial premises. Ria prefers to use palette knives to create her unique and distinctive style.

Exhibition: Umbral Shadows
Style: Large canvas paintings
Space: Upper Gallery
Date: September 2020


Blue Jeans

Elephant – SOLD

Abstract Blue

Silver Birch – SOLD

Abstract Large
Cow Skull & Pearls
Deer Skull & Pearls

Lady in Pink – SOLD


Jellyfish – SOLD

The Post
Blue Bowler