Teresa Wells

Teresa Wells

Teresa’s ability to capture humanity and vulnerability is second to none.

Sue Brooks, Gallery Curator


An illustrative style and theatrical gesturing create a powerful and spiritual force

Teresa is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors and creates emotive figurative sculptures in bronze that celebrate man’s physical and emotional survival over adversity. Inspired by the question; How do Humans Behave? she draws inspiration from the contours of athletes and dancers to emphasize a physical strength whilst placing them in precarious poses to stress their fragility. She employs an illustrative style that pertains to theatrical gesturing, with particular attention made in recreating detail in the face, hands and feet.


A truly contemporary approach to bronze

We were delighted to exhibit one of Teresa’s flagship limited edition pieces ‘The Kiss That Freed a Thousand Dreams’ in the gallery.  The reclining pose and Rodin Black Patina is sensuous in nature and offers a promise of change, desire and dreams.

Exhibition: The Kiss that Freed a Thousand Dreams
Style: Figurative nude
Space: Lower Gallery
Date: November 2018


Powerful contemporary sculptures that reflect the viewer’s own psyche

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