past exhibitions

past exhibitions

Artist: Brian Dunstone
Exhibition: Three Songs, Two Players and an Absent Observer
Style: Subtle and aggressive us of colour
Space: Upper Gallery
Date: December 2020

Three Songs, Two Players and an Absent Observer — Side view
Three Songs, Two Players and an Absent Observer — Front view

Artist: Ria Smith
Exhibition: Umbral Shadows
Style: Large canvas paintings
Space: Upper Gallery
Date: September 2020

Artist: Eric Yates
Exhibition: Concentric Circles
Style: Blending fine art and graphic design
Space: Lower Gallery
Date: August 2019

Artist: Peter Sayer
Exhibition: Ataraxia
Style: Landscapes with texture
Space: Lower Gallery and Upper Gallery
Date: May 2019

Artist: Teresa Wells
Exhibition: The Kiss that Freed a Thousand Dreams
Style: Figurative nude
Space: Lower Gallery
Date: November 2018

Artist: Miriam McClay
Exhibition: Soul and Season
Style: Expressing emotions visually
Space: Upper Gallery
Date: August 2018

Artist: Malcolm Pollard
Exhibition: Summer Solstice
Style: Playful, erotic and mystical
Space: Upper Gallery
Date: June 2014

Artist: Annette Sykes
Exhibition: Journey Through Myth
Style: Mysterious, mythical and broody
Space: Upper Gallery
Date: November 2013